Cary Artac’s market involvement began in 1986 as a trader-apprentice on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, where for several years he studied the complex relationship between option price behavior and underlying market activity. This formative experience provided an opportunity for Cary at the Chicago Board of Trade, where in 1989 he joined a team of 30 Year Treasury Bond futures traders, identifying for them option-hedging opportunities in the adjacent Treasury Bond options pit.

About Artac Advisory

Cary Artac, owner and principal analyst

Soon after his move to the CBOT Cary discovered a greater passion in accurately predicting the directional flow of the underlying Treasury Bond futures contract, and over the next several years extensively researched a wide array of analytical methods and formulas. During this time he came to comprehend the significance in fully studying all trend-timeframes, from hourly market data spanning several days to monthly data spanning several decades.

Cary sought to develop a technical process that provided accurate trend-identification results in correlation with highly specific price-support levels. The outcome has been a unique hybrid of classic and nontraditional charting techniques, supplemented by ample use of customized indicators – all blended into a discretionary trading system of consistent reliability. Merging the results effectively into a complete, interpretive system provides a heightened sense of market timing and directional flow – the very essence of harnessing profitable futures trading opportunities.

By the early 1990’s Cary’s daily analysis was sought after by a growing number of Chicago-based futures and options traders. Chicago Board of Trade grain and treasury traders, Chicago Mercantile Exchange stock-index, livestock, and currency traders, as well as Chicago Board Options Exchange stock-index option traders were managing risk and expanding profit potential through his daily market analysis. In 1996, with the increasing migration away from open-outcry and into electronic-market participation, Cary commenced web based delivery of Artac Advisory newsletters. And while he continues to provide daily analysis to a key number of floor trading operations, since the later 1990’s his clientele have become increasingly represented by risk management firms, brokerage houses, and commodity producers and wholesalers.

In 2012 Artac Advisory began production of the Monthly ETF Snapshot. With mid to long-term strategy the central theme, the Monthly ETF Snapshot keeps subscribers closely aligned with individual market-trends impacting over twenty popular, high-volume ETF’s. Every issue includes thoughtful commentary, descriptive chart illustrations, and highly specific price-support levels for each ETF analyzed. A year later Artac Advisory began producing the Weekly SPY Report, presenting a detailed technical analysis for the week ahead in the SPY (SPDR S&P 500 ETF). All of the trading and investment signals provided in both the Monthly ETF Snapshot and Weekly SPY Report are actionable through the ever-growing selection of high volume exchange traded products.

We encourage you to take our analysis for a test drive through our no-obligation two week free trial.  We’re convinced that after testing our daily analysis you’ll come to appreciate the clarity Artac Advisory can bring to your trading and investment strategy. If during the two-week trial you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call our office. We make ourselves fully available for phone consultation, assuring your comfort and understanding in making good use of our advisory newsletters.